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Dungeon Keeper

What the hell is Dungeon Keeper?

It's a computer game, released about a thousand years ago, for the PC. But it's got a wonderful cult following, and it's hard to get it running on Windows XP. So here's some information about it.

Known Problems 1: The List Scrolls too Quickly, so you can't select Levels on the Deeper Dungeons

Update 06/01/2012: I've been told about KeeperFX - which is a program that hopes to fix this. Download it, extract everything to where keeper95 is located, then just run launcher.exe to run DK. It fixes scrolling issues, colors, etc. It puts the original campaign and deeper dungeons in the same opening menu, and also adds several player made campaigns. I haven't used it myself, but apparantly it works well. 

OK, so you're playing Deeper Dungeons. You load up the game, and you can't select the levels in the middle of the list, it just scrolls too fast. The reason that Dungeon Keeper (Deeper Dungeons) scrolls too fast is because the computer you're playing it on is likely tens or hundreds of times as fast as the ones designed to play the game on originally. Basically, you have three options.

You can either hold down the left mouse button, and flick the mouse cursor over the down arrow, and try to move fast enough to not scroll the whole list, but slow enough to not scroll past the whole list.

Or, you can download the CPUKiller application. It's a tiny little program that deliberately slows down your computer for this purpose. It'll allow the list to scroll slow enough and stop the scrolling too quickly problem that you encounter.

If you have a very new computer with a dual-core, then it's complicated to get it to work. In this case, you can just download the saved games. See the "Saved Games" section below for this.

Known Problems 2: Dungeon Keeper doesn't work in Vista.

Right, this is a long solution. Works perfectly for me, i.e. I have personally tested this, under Windows Vista Ultimate x64.

  1. You'll need the original CD, or the ISO of it. Mount it to a Virtual Drive using Daemon Tools or UltraISO or whatever you use, or put it in your CD Drive as normal.
  2. You'll need DOSBox, it's a virtualisation program for various platforms. Download and install it.
  3. Right, if you've already installed Dungeon Keeper, uninstall it.
  4. Create a directory in your main drive, preferably something like C:/DOS. This must be created before you load DosBox up.
  5. Load up DOSBox (I was using v0.72). Type (assuming that D is the letter of your CD-ROM drive):

    mount d D:
    mount c C:/DOS

  6. Follow the on-screen instructions. Just install to C:/KEEPER/ as default, and select the "Audio Setup" after it successfully installs.
  7. Use the "Creative Labs Sound Blaster 16 or AWE32" Sound Card. Then select to configure automatically, and test it - it should work just normally.
  8. Once the install is completed, type:


  9. Play the game. Press ALT+ENTER to go fullscreen.
  10. Now, if you finished playing the game, quit as normal, then type "exit" at the prompt.
  11. If you want to play it again, after successful installation, you have to mount the drive again. Which is annoying, but you'll live. To play it again, open DOSBox, and type:

    mount c C:/DOS/KEEPER

  12. If you don't want to do that, then open up My Computer and navigate to where you installed DOSBox (something like C:/Program Files/DOSBox-0.72), and locate the file "dosbox.conf" and open it in notepad.
  13. Paste the above lines RIGHT at the very end, in the section marked as [autoexec]. Then, Dungeon Keeper will start as soon as you load DOSBox.

Note: Some people have contacted me and told me of problems with emulation. They suggest modifying the "dosbox.conf" file further to include setting "output=overlay". Also, avoid the settings "core=auto" and "cycles=auto", as apparantly these can cause problems. Instead, set "core=dynamic" instead. These may help solve some issues people are having. If it's working for you, then don't muck about with the settings. However, if it isn't, then try changing some things, it might help.

Note 2: It definately helps to apply the No-CD Crack by copying over the /KEEPER/ folder from the CD to your hard drive.

Interestingly, you appear to be able to use the other slash (i.e. / instead of ), which is useful if you bought a cheap Logitech keyboard off eBay and it has no key. And it doesn't appear to be case-sensetive. Oh, and if you want the No-CD Crack again, then just copy over the KEEPER folder as instructed below (in Windows, don't need to use DOSBox for that).

Known Problems 3: The screen is all funny colours, or turns so after a few seconds (Vista)

Turn off Hardware Acceleration in the options. This is for Dungeon Keeper 2.

Known Problem 4: Deeper Dungeons keeps asking for the CD

See the section "No-CD Crack" below.

Saved Games (Dungeon Keeper Level Select)

I've got saved games right at the start of levels on my website. Just extract the files, and rename them to SAVE0001.SAV, or DDIG0001.SAV for the Deeper Dungeons, or whatever number is appropriate, in your Dungeon Keeper/Save directory. Download the top version (the ZIP file) unless you know you have WinRAR on your computer. WinRAR is a much better unzipping and compression program than what comes with Windows. I recommend you download it at RarLabs.com. If you don't want to, though, just download the ZIP program, which Windows XP and Vista will be able to open automatically.

Please, by the way, don't link directly to these files. If you want to guide someone to these saved games if they ask, then link to this page, and tell them to scroll down.

Dungeon Keeper Saves (ZIP, 2,458KB)

Deeper Dungeons Saves (ZIP, 823KB)

No-CD Crack for Dungeon Keeper

For Dungeon Keeper (not Deeper Dungeons), you have to have the CD in the drive first. Go to where you installed Dungeon Keeper on your hard drive, and find the file Keeper.Cfg. Open it in Notepad, and change the first line, where it says INSTALL_PATH to where you installed Dungeon Keeper on your hard drive, which might be C:/Games/Dungeon Keeper/KEEPER, or C:/Program Files/Bullfrog/Dungeon Keeper/KEEPER, making sure to add the KEEPER but at the end, and the trailing slash. Save the file. Then, copy the whole KEEPER directory from the CD-ROM to that location on your hard drive. That's it, it's done!

Inportant: If you're playing using DOSBox, then you'll need to think to what the path would be to the DOS emulator. If you followed my guide, it will be C:/DOS/KEEPER/KEEPER. Then, copy the KEEPER folder from the disc, to the KEEPER folder on your computer.

No-CD Crack for the Deeper Dungeons

If you've copied over the "KEEPER" folder, then you'll notice that the Deeper Dungeons still asks for the CD, with the text "Please Insert the Deeper Dungeons CD-ROM". The Deeper Dungeons requires a CD with the label "KDDISK1" in the CD Drive. Download this ISO file, and either burn it to a disc, or insert it in an emulation program, like UltraISO, Daemon Tools or the like, and Deeper Dungeons will work fine.

Note, this isn't the complete game at all, it's only 50KB. The above file is, for all intents and purposes, a BLANK CD.

Temple Sacrifice List (DK1)

Fly Spider - Warlock
Beetle Spider - Dark Mistress
3 Spiders - Bile Demon
Bile Demon Dark Mistress Troll - Horned Reaper

Imps - Reduces the cost to create more Imps.

2 Beetles - Completes whatever is currently being built.
2 Flies - Completes whatever is currently being researched.

Chickens or Ghost - All chickens explode.
2 Bile Demons - Turns your monsters into chickens.
Horned Reaper - Makes all of your monsters angry.
2 Vampires - All of your monsters will be diseased.

Cheats that DON'T Work

Most of the cheats you read about on the internet are completely bogus, totally and utterly fake. The one that tells you to press F11 or F12 or something (sometimes when possessing a creature) totally doesn't work, neither does the one about pressing Numpad Enter at some point. They were only for Beta Builds, pre-release versions, used only by Bullfrog Testing Staff. Either way, they don't work on the real version.

Cheats that DO Work

These are more Easter Eggs, to be honest with you. But if you hold SHIFT ingame and type either FECKOF or SKEKSIS, then some text will come up. It doesnt benefit nor hinder you. Release the SHIFT key, and the text leaves. Also, if you start the game with the command parameter -alex, then while playing, press and hold down both Shift keys and type JLW.

On every full moon, you will receive funny rhymes when you run the game, and a hidden level is activated. The date is based on your CPU clock, of course, which you can change by double-clicking the time on the bottom-right of your taskbar, so change the date to one of a full moon to see it.

In Level 7 (or any other level in which you don't need to kill the Lord of the Land to complete it), if you complete the level with the Lord of the Land being tortured, you are taken to a special screen.

Research Values

In Dungeon Keeper, each room or spell takes time to research. This is the relative amount of time it will take your researchers to get to each item.

Room Research Value
Treasure Room 1000
Hatchery 1000
Lair 1000
Library 1000
Training Room 1000
Bridge 4600
Guard Post 6700
Workshop 9000
Barracks 12000
Prison 20000
Torture 20000
Temple 25000
Graveyard 25000
Scavenger 27500
Create Imp 1000
Sight of Evil 3800
Speed Creature 5700
Obey 6000
Call to Arms 7400
Conceal Creature 9400
Hold Audience 11000
Cave-in 25000
Heal Creature 14000
Lightning Strike 15000
Protect Creature 15000
Chicken 20000
Disease 20000
Armageddon 100000
Destroy Walls 750000


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