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How to Cheat in Online Flash Games


You have to be a loser, of course. And, you have to be using Firefox, which you should be doing anyway.

The Method

  1.  Download a Mozilla Firefox addon called Tamper Data.
  2. Find a game you want with ability to submit your score.
  3. Before you start the game, start the Temper Data addon by going on Tools -> Tamper Data -> Start Tamper
  4. Now, start the game, get some score, and then, lets say, lose. Now select to submit the score. Then Temper Data should appear, and select button Tamper, and in the right part of the window you should find a string of commands that game has set to browser. You should find the word SCORE and the number that should be next to it. Change that number as you wish. Then click submit in the Tamper Data and you should get the score you wanted.
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